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Turtle Graphics - Stroking and Filling Paths

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About paths. A path consists of a list of zero or more subpaths. Each subpath is a list of one or more points that are connected by straight or curved lines. Each subpath also contains a flag that indicates whether the subpath is closed. If a subpath is closed, the last point of the subpath is connected to the first point by a straight line. Subpaths that have fewer than two points are ignored when the path is painted.

Description: begins a new path, or resets the current path.
Description: deletes/cancels the current path.
Description: strokes/draws the current path with the current line/stroke color (default black).
Description: fills the current path with the current filling color (default white).
setfillcolor color
setfc color
Description: sets the filling color (default: white). The color can be set using standard color codes or html HEX values.
setfillcolor "red
setfillcolor "4
setfillcolor "#ff0000
Standard color codes: 0: "black" (
), 1: "blue" (
), 2: "lime" (
), 3: "cyan" (
), 4: "red" (
), 5: "magenta" (
6: "yellow" (
), 7: "white" (
), 8: "brown" (
), 9: "tan" (
), 10: "green" (
), 11: "aquamarine" (
), 12: "salmon" (
13: "purple" (
), 14: "orange" (
), 15: "gray" (

Example 1. The code bellow draws a triangle:

fd 100
left 90
fd 100

Example 2. The code bellow fills a rectangle:

fd 100
left 90
fd 150
left 90
fd 100
setfillcolor "blue

Example 3. The code bellow draws and fills a nice flower:

repeat 8 [
   make "c (random 16)
   setfillcolor :c
   repeat 2
   [ repeat 100 [fd 3 rt 1]
   rt 80 ]
   rt 45

• While drawing paths, the drawing mode is automatically set to "window".

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