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Turtle animated motion
Using our web based logo interpreter, the turtle actually moves along the graphics canvas while interpreting the entered commands.
Try any program from the Users programs section to see the Turtle in action!

Modern web technologies
This website is developed using modern web technologies: HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. Other scripts written in Java Script are: Ace Editor, jvectormap, etc. It's strongly recommended to update your browser frequently for security, speed, compatibility and a better web experience.
Check your browser for HTML5 support here:

Build-in buttons for basic logo procedures
The user can move the turtle around the canvas, set an image as a background, change the drawing colors, draw a Bezier curve, etc.:

Easy to save and publish logo programs
Using our online logo editor, any registred user can manage his programs and procedures:

Easy to manage user defined procedures
The turtle remembers every user defined procedure and can be accessed using the "My procedure" option:

The procedures can not be deleted using a logo command for security reasons. If a user wants to delete a procedure, he must select it from the list on the left first (must not be present in any of your programs in order to delete it).

Sharing programs
Other turtles around the world have shared their programs on the platform using the "Preview and Publish" option found on
the top right corner of the editor:

Other turtles around the world
Users can find other turtles around the world using the Turtles World Map.

New graphic procedures
Using Java Script, the online logo interpreter offers the posibility of drawing or filling circles and rectangles:

or quadratic and cubic Besier curves:

Set shadows before filling shapes using "shadowblur", "shadowcolor" and "shadowoffset":

Turtle Animation
The "wait" procedure makes the program halt for a number of milliseconds before executing the next command.

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