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Every user gets his own turtle after creating an account.

Using logo commands you can create interesting and fun programs that you can share them with your friends on the platform.

Press the next button to meet Turtle.
This is Turtle!

He likes to surf, that's for sure! But he needs logo programs to do that.

Logo programming is easy. For example, using basic commands like forward, back, left or right you can make him move around. While moving, Turtle leaves a trail drawing his way!
Turtle is learning

He knows a set of logo commands that you can use, but your turtle can learn new ones. Every time you create a new procedure using the to command, Turtle remembers it for later use.

How smart will your turtle be?
Join now. Make him your turtle!

Using an account, you can manage and distribute your personal logo programs and procedures. Turtle likes to be smart and different - name him as you wish!

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